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21. mars 2006

Car-Parrinello dyna-mix & co.

or: April in Paris


The purpose of this inofficial, informal meeting is to bring together people working on the same field in a wide sense, to introduce ourselves to each other and to learn from each other. The context is freely "(ab initio) simulations in condensed matter".

The talks will be limited to maximally 30 minutes, including discussion (and depending on the number of participants) in order to maintain a compact, informative presentation. We strongly advice the participants to prepare their presentations for somewhat a heterogeneous audience, avoid too many details but e.g. present also problems encountered during the studies, the computational resources and methods/codes used, future directions of research, ... We also welcome presentations on topics of general interest, ideas for discussion, ... We shall preserve plenty of time for informal discussions during the day

The official language of the meeting is free. ;)