A preliminary version of my PhD thesis

...as I haven't done any exam yet, this version is only being read etc. It's in gzip'ped PostScript format

Postskriptum This is not all what I have calculated but not published so far... Please don't hesitate to contact me if you think something closely related might be "missing"; all comments, suggestions, praise, critic, scientific discussions, ... - or simply a note that you downloaded something - are certainly welcome; should you have any problems downloading, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Acknowledgements: Phiuuuuwwww... Too many... But without my Mother and Father, my BIGBIGBIGBrother and more scientifically Herbert Over I would never got this far

"apsi" alias Ari P Seitsonen
E-mail: Ari.P.Seitsonen'at'iki.fi or apsi'at'iki.fi
WWW: http://www.iki.fi/~aps/ (another homepage)
http://axtnt2.phys.uniroma1.it/~aps/ (homepage in Roma)