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10 août aD 2014

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06 XI aD 2014
(P)ari(s) et (P)ari(s) 10 VIII aD 2014
Wow!, went to cinema yesterday - again! The previous time... ... some 2-3 years back. « Winter Sleep », very interesting, even if melodramatic, work.

6 VIII aD 2014
And now, settling down in Paris. Veeeeeeeery quiet at work, good so. :) The vacations in Finland were awesome, the final check of the apartment in Zurich went... ... reasonably well. Now still the painting of the apartment in Paris-11ème and the guests can start pouring in - bienvenue !

2 V aD 2014
Back in Zurich, after two weeks in France. Move back to Paris in... ... just two months! Panic! ;)

27 X aD 2012
Finally back. Now a new host for the web pages.

7.8. aD 2008
Pas de congé !!

In order to fill the (cultural and emotional) gap, how about some ballet in August? There is the "les étés de la danse de paris" running, with Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montré playing. Tickets - not the most economical ones though - and here we go, into Grand Palais. I have never been inside there, only seen the big building with the glassy roof and French flag at the top. At the entrance - it is basically hollow! The seats were build from temporary stands. Not totally full... Looks like a "summer holiday production". Lights dim out, the dancers march in... And immediately one sees that this one is not a holiday production!! They are serious! First half is « Les Quatre Saisons », with the music from Antonio Vivaldi and the Chorégraphie : Mauro Bigonzetti, very fresh and still disciplined and visually pleasing! I'd say 70 % ballet, 30 % modern dance. The dancers are also very good, a pleasure in all respects!

The second part is « Cantata », with traditional music from the South of Italy, arranged and performed by Gruppo Musical Assurd. Choréography again by Mauro Bigonzetti, very good again! If the costumes in « Les Quatre Saisons » were traditional, here they are every-day like from now. 20 % ballet, 80 % modern dance?

Glimpse from « Cantata » here.

After the more-than-deserved applause the aprè-show, with DJ Soul Sista from Montréal also. I must say that I haven't been in such a disco hall/dance floor as Grand Palais for a while... Reminds me of the Good Ol' Days in Berlin, ah!

30.7. aD 2008
Back in Paris after the wonderful holidays in Finland!!!

Congratulations to Gerhard Ertl! Gerhard Ertl

25.3. aD 2005
Buona Pasqua da Parigi!!! Staying in the Village, no money, no time to get back to Finland this time... :(

The view from my new office:

2.2. aD 2005
Settling down in PARIS!!!

31.12. aD 2004
Prosit 2005!!!

20.10. aD 2004
Back from Berlin, Philharmonie and a homage to a Great scientist

16.8. aD 2004
Uhmm, quite a while since the previous one... Still in Zurich, however about to move to Paris (January 1st 2005?). Savonlinna Opera Festival visited, yesterday the first day at the Lucerne Summer Festival

29.8. aD 2003
Back in Zurich from Bayreuth, where I had the chance to see and experience "Tannhäuser" (a'la Thielemann!) and "Der Ring des Nibelungen"! What a house, what an acoustics! Also saw Wahnfried, Jean Paul-Museum, Eremitage, Sanspareil, ... (Merci vielmal JT, who made it possible!)

10.8. aD 2003
In Zurich +34 degrees and so... It doesn't matter me, yesterday running around at Hardhof, waiting for the training in Finnish base ball. Well only three people turned up, but with the new rackets/bats the day was rescued

6.8. aD 2003
Back from the great holidays in Finland: Savonlinna opera festival (e.g. Der Fliegende Holländer and 2xTristan (with Matti Salminen in both), relatives, at home in Paavola, some homework done, ... A very pleasant weather, +25..+30 degrees Celcius

More photos, more organised! http://www.iki.fi/~apsi/Personal/Photos.html

Christmas in Zürich... Some photos coming up. Also visited Basel for <>, wow, even crazier than in Komische Oper Berlin!

Back from Berlin!!! Some pictures taken with the new digital camera

October 17th: Finally returned from trips to Sardinia (II Goofy award!!!), Munich and Lugano, tired but happy. Also I played(?!?) in the winning team of Zurich in the "Swiss championship" in the Finnish baseball at the end of September. Now it's time to cool down and remain a while in Züristadt...

Back from Finland and "Kuningas Lear" (King Lear) by Aulis Sallinen, a Finnish composer, at the Finnish National Opera. The opera was composed with Matti Salminen as a "target", and what he gave at the stage was FULL show, including all the funny parts with the King going mad etc. Salminen dancing, with a red wig, ... Great! Also other excellent performances in the roles by Jorma Hynninen, Jorma Silvasti, Aki Alamikkotervo, ... Sorry, the last performance is at the end of August!!

Just came back from HOLIDAYS (first real one since two years...)!! Plus Rome, and the WATOC meeting, where I made my first attempts for the career of a "microphone man", well including some PC/projector intercommunication

Well I am still in Switzerland (cheeseland, or bankland, or cowland, or Swiss-army-knifeland, or ...) but now in Zurigo, Zurich, Zürich, working with Maestro Jürg Hutter

The last weeks I have mostly spent in the opera house of Zurich, eight times in June, a couple of concerts and operas still coming up before the summer break

At the end of July I shall visit the opera festival in Savonlinna, in a VEEEEERRRRRRRY beautiful (lake) region of Finland. And the quality of the festival is also excellent! This year I'm mostly waiting to see, hear and experience 'Tristan', for the first time at the stage for me, and who could be a more proper König Marke for such an event than Matti Salminen (ehmm, I just have seen him five times in June in Zurich, in 'Der Ring' and 'Chowatschina', and he's just GREAT!)

I have also played once (well, a second time "playing" alone) again the Finnish baseball, here in Zurich!! The previous time before that was in the high school, about fifteen years ago... Besides that, the amount of sports which I am doing has dropped basically to zero -- aiuto!!

Otherwise I am very happy in Zurich. Of course also missing Ticino, but everything has its time, I guess... It is better to look in the future, and that looks bright to me just now - hopefully some more time to come in Zurich